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Power / Protection

  • HVA-1000 High Voltage Attenuator



    What it does:
    Accepts high voltage input and outputs a signal reduced by a factor of 1000.

    Another useful accessory for Zen series monitoring stations, the HVA-1000 accepts a voltage of up to 1000V DC, and safely attenuates it to a suitable low voltage, which can then be input into almost any low voltage input measuring device.

    The design uses a unique differential divider, providing resistive protection to both positive and negative sides of the output.

    All Zen units with universal input are capable of accepting attenuator input.

    General Specifications
    Maximum input voltage
    1000V DC
    Attenuation factor
    1000 ±0.1%
    Input impedance
    Output Impedance
    Attenuator type
    Differential resistive
    Ambient drift
    50ppm/°C maximum
    35mm DIN rail

    HVA-1000 Manual HVA-1000 Manual 15V01, 01-Oct-2015 | (145 KB)


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