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Multi-Channel RTU

  • ZEN-RIO Relay I/O Expansion for the Zen Datalogger

    Adds 16 Relay Outputs & 16 Digital Control Inputs


    What it does:
    The Rio expands the Zen Datalogger capabilites - adding 16 more relays and digital I/O.

    The ZEN-RIO is a relay output and digital input expansion which is designed for seamless integration with the Zen Datalogger control and monitoring station. It is also compatible with the now superseded 'ZEN-16' product.

    At a glance:

    • The perfect add-on to extend your Zen Datalogger: Effortlessly adds 16 relay outputs and 16 digital control inputs
    • Ideal for on/off control and alarm or status control

    The ZEN-RIO’s relays are controlled directly by the Zen Datalogger’s setpoints, which are in turn easily configured using our user-friendly and flexible WorkBench software. The digital control inputs are designed for SCADA applications and can be read directly from the Zen Datalogger’s com ports.

    Power supply
    24 V DC ±15%
    Expansion interface
    Communication to Zen Datalogger via i2C bus, 400kHz
    Relay Output
    Number of relay outputs
    16x isolated relay outputs
    Relay output type
    Change over Form C (10A 250V AC or 10A 30V DC), 1kHz scan rate. Software selectable relay state.
    Digital Inputs
    Number of digital control inputs
    16x selectable digital control inputs
    Digital control input type
    Input type select NPN (sink) or PNP (source). 1kHz input sample rate. Input voltage 5-24V.
    35mm DIN rail casing
    Dimensions (H x W x D)
    2.32 x 10.04 x 5.67" (59 x 255 x 144mm)
    LED indication
    On each relay output and digital control input channel

    ZEN-RIO Manual ZEN-RIO Manual 15V02, 09-Oct-2015 | (1808 KB)

    Define WorkBench

    Define WorkBench

    Simple software to program your Zen series device

    Use Define WorkBench to simulate, configure and view data for all Zen series control stations, including:

    With a user-friendly, uncluttered design, WorkBench offers a simple interface for setting up and scaling your Zen unit, as well as retrieving and graphing your datalog.

    N.B. Version 3 features Simulation Mode and is only compatible with legacy ZEN-16 firmware 2.0.0 and later.


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