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  • The ZEN-16 has been retired!

    Zen series now comprises of the Zen RTU and Zen Datalogger

    ZEN-16 has been retired

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    The ZEN-16 was an incredibly powerful and flexible piece of hardware suitable for hundreds of different applications. But despite this, customers were often confused about whether it was right for their specific application. We have responded to this by creating 2 new Zen products and narrowing the scope of each of them.

    Introducing the Zen RTU and the Zen Datalogger

    The Zen RTU is ideal for applications which require collation of multiple signals routed directly to a master console such as a SCADA system or PLCs. Available in RTU/U (isolated universal input) and RTU/R (non-isolated RTD input) models.

    It has four digital inputs and a RS485 Modbus/RTU port.


    The Zen Datalogger most closely resembles its predecessor, the ZEN-16, and much of its capabilities are the same. It is suitable for applications which require collection and visualisation of data from multiple sources.

    It has 2 analog outputs and 2 relay contact outputs for control and alarm applications.


    Compare the new Zen products to the old ZEN-16


      ZEN-16 Zen Datalogger Zen RTU/U Zen RTU/R
    16 Universal Isolated Inputs

    16 Non-Isolated RTD Inputs
    1GB Data Logging

    4 Digital Inputs

    2 Analog Outputs

    2 Relay Outputs



    Ethernet Modbus

    Easy setup with WorkBench

    Zen-RIO expansion option

    HMI Interface

    Universal AC/DC power supply